to Feel the Breeze

A house can be abandoned
We can attempt to leave it behind in forgotten memories
Attempts to nail down the door and attach wooden planks to its windows
Is an opportunity for nature to react with its cyclical movements
The seasons will come and go.
The unbalanced extremes in temperature and precipitation
Will leave memories of its passing in the density of the wood
Corners will become rounded, cracks will appear.
An opening will emerge where the breeze will find its way.
The aura that surrounds its perimeter is proof of its existence
To venture inside is sometimes a necessary step.
The decision that naturally comes from the experience.
Will determine if the time has come.
To gain knowledge and compassion from its manifestation
We cannot change the experience
Yet, we control our reaction to its existence
Let the breeze in and it will find its way out 
The sign reads ‘Do Not Enter’