Video of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque مسجد الشيخ زايد

You’re invited. Please travel with me, though some short discoveries/travel video. Glance into my camera lense. This is the first video, a trip to the United Arab Emirates in January 2010. Many more… Continue reading

Inner thoughts

To all the friends who helped me grow. I have learned to appreciate relationships and all they have to offer. Happy or sad, flowing or challenging.    Our interactions and life experiences provide opportunities for… Continue reading


Listen to my thoughts  and I shall share yours Look into my eyes  as I learn to trust and care Feel my presence as I appreciate your company Embrace me as I hold… Continue reading

life is a journey

My thoughts are not me and  I am so much more than my thoughts. To change, influence and grow  are key to my happiness and my legacy. I am not perfect,  nor do… Continue reading

the Bald Eagle

Am I free To fly away as I please The vastness of the empty sky Becomes a dream To stand still, I’m afraid will not dissipate The burning energy inside of me As… Continue reading

to Dream

Here I stand immobilized. I have a dream inside me. Its faith lies at a forked road. To nourish it’s passage. Stronger I must become. My dream, I must realize. It’s journey, an… Continue reading

the Box

How powerful can I be. No legs, no ears I have. Buzzing emotions I can be. Being I, just am, fear not. Outside of the box we can all be

to Feel the Breeze

A house can be abandoned We can attempt to leave it behind in forgotten memories Attempts to nail down the door and attach wooden planks to its windows Is an opportunity for nature… Continue reading

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